About the Game

Hero of Robots is a card versus card game by operating a giant robot to fight against other robots.
Each game earns you a new Hero of Robots card!

About the Game

Robot Card Power Card Skill Card
Robot cards determine the robot in the game. Each robot has a special attack move! Power cards strengthen the robot capacity. Skill cards have a special skill to help you win more easily.

About the Game

Insert the Card
Insert your card.

If you don’t have a robot card, the game will assign a robot to help you.

You can enter up to 3 cards per game with the strongest combination for you!

Let's Battle!
Attacker chooses "Melee" or "Shooting" Defender chooses "Anti-Melee" or "Anti-Shooting".

When in attack, guess the right move to give the opponent huge damage.
"Melee" VS "Anti-shooting" → successful attack!!
"Shooting" VS "Anti-melee" → successful attack!!

When in defense, guess the right move to prevent great harm.
"Anti-melee" VS "Melee" → successful defense!!
"Anti-shooting" VS "Shooting" → successful defense!!

Level up
Obtain energy after every battle. After an accumulation of enough energy, launch "level up" or "super level up" option. robot's moves.

Now pull down the lever.Use energy to enhance robot's moves.

Who is the Winner?
When the opponent's HP drops to 0, or your HP is higher than your opponent after 5 rounds, you win.